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James Conservatories are Glasgow builders and provide conservatories and sun rooms, garage conversions, double glazed windows, and house extensions in Glasgow, and throughout Scotland.

We have recently completed projects in Edinburgh, Paisley, Livingston, Cambuslang, Cumbernauld, Kilmarnock, Stirling, Falkirk, Bearsden, East Kilbride, Motherwell, Bishopbriggs, Newton Mearns, Wishaw, Rutherglen, and other places throughout West and Central Scotland.

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are an ever-popular investment because not only can double glazing add value to your home, it can help to reduce your heating bills, make your house more secure, as well as decrease noise levels and condensation.

James Conservatories have been fitting high quality double glazing in Glasgow and throughout Scotland for over 12 years, and offer a higher level of service than many other double glazing companies in Glasgow.

Energy Efficient Windows

The Energy Saving Trust recommend the installation of quality double glazed windows as one of the top ways of saving energy, pointing out that double glazing can reduce heat loss through windows by as much as 50%. According to the Energy Saving Trust, this can reduce your heating bill by nearly 100 per year, and can also reduce your CO2 emissions by around 740 kg per year.

How Double Glazing Works

Double glazing works by trapping an insulating layer of air between two panes of glass within a single, sealed unit. This results in a higher proportion of heat being reflected back into your house, rather than being lost to the surrounding air. The glass panels in sealed double glazing units are designed in such a way as to allow heat and light from the outside to still enter. James Conservatories can fit a range of types of glass, including glass for energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and Turn windows are among the most popular form of double glazing as they allow your windows to open both vertically or horizontally. If you want a little ventilation, the windows can be tilted inwards to leave an opening at the top. Alternatively, you can open the window fully inwards just by turning the handle. Because of this feature, tilt and turn windows are very easy to clean, and can provide an extra means of escape in an emergency.

Sash and Case

Many properties in Glasgow have sash and case style windows, and people are often pleasantly surprised to find out that it is possible to install double glazing that recreates the same look and feel. James Conservatories are able to fit high quality mock sash and case double glazed windows that allow you to have all of the advantages of double glazing without changing the appearance of your property.

Range of Window Units

James Conservatories supply and install a wide range of high quality double glazed window units, with a large choice of frames and glass types. So whether you are looking for low maintenance upvc or pvcu windows, stylish hardwood windows, casement windows, traditional sash windows, or any other style of double glazed windows, James Conservatories will be able to help.


All of our double glazed windows are fitted with the latest security features for your peace of mind. Our double glazing is internally glazed for extra security, and all our frames are high quality Duraflex 70mm window frames. Duraflex frames are reinforced with galvanised steel, and conform to the BS 7950 security standard. Double glazed windows feature toughened glass (sometimes called safety glass), and are harder for thieves to break in to than normal glass windows, and our security locking in a choice of handles will help to keep your home secure.

Secondary Glazing

Double glazing should not be confused with secondary glazing. Secondary glazing refers to an additional layer of glazing placed in its own frame adjacent to an existing window. Because the two layers of glass are independent they do not act as a sealed unit, and so there is more heat loss than with double glazing. Secondary glazing is therefore a less effective way of insulating your home.


Some double glazing companies in Scotland fit low-quality cheap double glazing, which not only lacks the benefits of security features and energy efficiency, but can occasionally develop problems such as condensation.

James Conservatories pride ourselves on offering a high quality double glazing installation service, and all our double glazing products come with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

For more information about our available styles of double glazed windows call our double glazing installers now on 07940 772 939 for a free, no-obligation quote.