Triple Glazing - should you invest in triple glazed windows?

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Triple Glazing Glasgow

Are you considering buying triple glazing for your house?

Most people who are considering getting triple glazed windows have been tempted by fantastic-sounding offers for triple glazing in Glasgow newspapers. And it seems to make sense that three panes of glass would offer better insulation than regular double glazing.

But is triple glazing really better than good quality double glazing?

Triple glazing is actually not a recent innovation. In fact, triple glazing has been available for well over 15 years. However it was not particularly successful when it was first introduced, and there were a number of high-profile failures, so in the main people continued to rely on double glazing.

One of the biggest problems with triple glazing is that the weight of the extra sheet of glass substantially increases the overall weight of each unit - by up to 50%. However to keep costs down often commercially available triple glazing units use the standard hinges and locking mechanisms designed for double glazed units. This extra weight makes it more likely that triple-glazed tilt-and-turn style windows will suffer from gearing failures or hinge failures during their normal lifespan. And since triple glazing uses two spacers instead of just one, they can be more likely to suffer from a seal failure too.

Another major problem with triple glazing is that in many cases triple glazed units may not actually offer substantially better insulation than good quality double glazed units. Since triple glazing first came on the scene manufacturers have found several other ways of increasing the insulative properties of double glazing - for example using a special low-emissivity metallic coating on the glass, and filling the gap between the panes with inert Argon gas. When choosing windows you need to consider the heat loss across the window unit as a whole, including the frame, and not just heat loss across the panes of glass themselves.

It is tempting to believe that if two panes of glass are better than one, then three panes must be better than two. But this isn't necessarily true. In fact, the problems associated by adding extra panes of glass can actually outweigh any potential benefits:

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Too good to be true?

If you see triple glazed units offered for the same price as double glazed units you are probably wondering - is it too good to be true? Where's the catch?

We feel that the only way suppliers can offer you more glass for the same or less money than double glazing is by using lower grade glass, scrimping on the quality of the rest of the unit, or by cutting corners during installation.

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